Accounting Services

At Edwards, Ellis & Associates, P.C., we provide comprehensive accounting and auditing services to our clients, specializing in small business accounting services.

Services designed to broaden the horizons of your business

This firm’s driving philosophy is that quality financial services begin with the basics of accounting. These accounting services quite often start with the discipline at the core of our business, audit work.

Auditing – Our Approach

Auditing services are among the most demanded by our clientele. As part of the audit practice, we become thoroughly familiar with each client’s organization in reporting on the fact and figures that drive each business.

With our audits, you receive much more than just a report. We dig deep to deliver highly effective audits that produce added value for clients. A special management letter offers suggestions and interpretations of that audit report to help improve client’s business operations.

Many of the management consulting services offered by our firm are directly linked to the audit, including:

  • Development of business plans
  • Office procedures and manuals
  • Capital budgeting
  • Data processing

We emphasize independence as a fundamental concept in our audit work for ensuring the objectivity and integrity of our reporting practices. We understand that our professional opinions will be engaged as resource information by clients, their creditors, investors and government agencies; accordingly, any work we perform leading to the expression of our opinion is naturally subject to the most rigorous standards in our firm.

Reviews, Compilations and Preparation Engagements

Our reporting services comply with the latest pronouncements from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Financial Accounting Standards Board and all State of Michigan regulations.

As part of providing these business accounting services, we can help implement management decisions for revising systems, realizing tax savings or correcting over-expenditures or other deficiencies that are identified.


Our accounting services team works with you to plan for those accounting functions that are needed in your business. We strive to both educate and utilize your staff to take on as many of those tasks as possible.

When requested, we stand ready to perform the recordkeeping services that include:

Each accounting services engagement is conducted under the direction of a firm partner overseeing our team of professionals assigned to your business. As your financial and accounting services provider, we understand that our success and growth is only as good as your company’s welfare and progress.

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